Is Shabby Chic Still In Style In 2024?

One of the biggest upcycling trends is shabby chic furniture. This style is naturally on our radar thanks to the use of vintage door knobs in many shabby chic designs. With this in mind, we’re asking the important question: is shabby chic still in style in 2024?

Trends come and go, so it’s common to wonder if a style that you still love is still popular or if its moment has passed. Interest in shabby chic decor started in the 80s and 90s, and this style hit its peak in the 2010s. Ten years later, does this style stand the test of time?

The good news is that there is still a place for shabby chic furniture in 2024. But there are a few style rules to follow to help stop your home looking like a time capsule. Follow these style rules to help make shabby chic an enduringly stylish choice for your home.

What is shabby chic?

Shabby chic is a style that gained popularity in the 2010s. You might see this style referred to as a romantic, whimsical, French country, antique or rustic. It is characterised by lived-in styles and a rustic aesthetic.

Painted wooden furniture that is worn down so the wood grain is exposed is a common trend. It also includes vintage and antique accents, such as vintage door knobs and cupboard pulls. It includes rustic fabrics like washed linen and embroidered lace.

Colours are often soft, muted and feminine. Chalky white paint often underpins the colour palette, with accents of dusky rose, duck egg, taupe and mauve. This trend favours well-worn wooden furniture made from pine, ash or birch.

The shabby chic trend is popular for upcycling furniture, which makes it a very sustainable choice. Rather than buying new, you can breathe new life into old furniture by stripping away old layers of varnish, repainting and adding finishing touches like vintage drawer pulls.

shabby chic style 2024

Is shabby chic still on trend?

Nearly all trends are cyclical, so just as we’ve had a resurgence of 90s fashion trends, we’re also seeing a rise in interest in shabby chic.

As with any trend, it’s certainly possible to overdo it. If you want to avoid going overboard with the shabby chic trend, there are simple ways to rein in this style. For starters, you can reframe your approach and try to emulate the French country style.

shabby chic style 2024

French country decor is enduringly popular and a timeless style, particularly with those decorating period properties. The period features of your home will lend themselves beautifully to this trend.

How to make shabby chic work in 2024

If you’re ready to embrace the resurgence of this trend (or if you never let it go) then here are a few interior decor rules to help achieve a balanced look.

1. Focus on genuine antiques

A simple way to achieve a harmonious look is to decorate with genuine antiques. While you can find reproductions of antique furniture finished with a shabby chic style, you’ll appreciate items more when they are genuine antiques. If you’re not a fan of the paint or finish, you can always sand it down, repaint, or refinish.

shabby chic style 2024

2. Don’t go overboard

Any style that goes too far will run the risk of looking instantly dated. Shabby chic is a trend that favours minimalism over maximalism. Furniture should be functional and decor accents should be minimal.

3. Embrace the old and the new

A simple way to update your shabby chic interior and avoid it looking twee is to blend modern items with vintage and antique items. A great example of this would be adding vintage door pulls to a modern piece of furniture and then pairing this with an antique mirror or picture frame.

shabby chic style 2024

4. Go bolder with the colour scheme

Chalky white paired with muted pastels is the go-to colour palette for most shabby chic interiors. But you can bring this trend up to date by including bold pops of colour that match your personality and style. Embracing individuality in interior design is one of the easiest ways to put your mark on a trend and make it truly your own.

shabby chic style 2024

5. Embrace imperfection

Social media has pushed the agenda for perfect interiors for long enough. One of the perks of shabby chic or French country interiors is the opportunity to shun perfection in favour of functional and lived-in interiors.

shabby chic style 2024

Transforming your furniture with antique accents

If you’re ready to embark on your own adventure in shabby chic furniture upcycling, we’re here to help. Our vintage door knobs, cupboard pulls and hardware make the ideal finishing touches to transform a drab piece of furniture into something show stopping and truly unique.

You need to start with a high quality piece of furniture made from solid wood. Veneers and other low cost materials don’t offer the same flexibility to be able to strip it back to basics.

For furniture that has been painted or varnished multiple times, start with a paint stripper to gradually reveal the wood below. If you aren’t planning to repaint the furniture, you can leave some of the paint exposed.

shabby chic style 2024

The next step is to either refinish the wood to protect it, or paint it. You can buy specialist paint with a chalky finish that is very popular for upcycling projects. And finally, replace the hardware with new vintage door pulls to complete the look.

Have you recently completed an upcycling project? We’d love to feature it on the blog! Find us on social media to share your stories!

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