How To Use Social Media For Period Property Decorating Ideas

When used correctly, social media can be a resource in the period property renovation process. While it can become a drain on your free time and a source of comparison anxiety, there are ways to keep your social media usage productive and healthy when it comes to period property decorating.

Some people launch into their decorating projects with a clear vision of what they want to achieve, but others need a little more inspiration and advice to help guide their choices. It’s often a good idea to start with too many ideas and then whittle them down based on factors like budget and space constraints.

social media for period property decorating ideas

With this in mind, we’re looking at some of the ways social media can be helpful for finding inspiration for your period property decorating project.

Consider starting a second account

You don’t have to shoot for stardom and hope that everything you post goes viral. Instead of worrying about follower numbers, think of your second Instagram account as a simple partition to keep your decorating project separate from your normal life.

While this might be an exciting time for you, and you might be happy to immerse yourself in the project, this might not be interesting to all of your friends and family. By creating a second account, you’ll also have a place to catch up with friends where you aren’t reminded of your decor project. This can be a source of relief if you are finding the renovation stressful.

And when you’re done with the project, you’ll have a chronological record of your renovation project and how far you’ve come.

social media for period property decorating ideas

Follow like-minded renovators

Once you have your second account, you can start to populate your feed with sources of inspiration. You can find accounts by searching for relevant hashtags. Try these general renovation hashtags to help get you started:

#periodrenovation #renovationdiaries #victorianterracerenovation #renolife #renovation #perioddetails #victorianterrace #periodhome

As you follow new accounts, Instagram will then suggest more accounts you might be interested in. You can also look at the accounts that others are following to find relevant inspiration.

Try to keep your following list in line with your taste preferences. This can make it easier to use accounts as a source of inspiration rather than feeling overwhelmed by the choices.

social media for period property decorating ideas

You’ll notice that there is very little gatekeeping in the home renovation section. What do we mean by this? It’s common for accounts to share details of how they achieved their renovation. For example, you might name the brands you have used, paint colours and contractors. This makes life easier for others who might look to your account for inspiration.

Document your progress

Before and after photos will give you a sense of progress that might just help to keep the motivation alive when you are questioning all of your life choices. Time lapse videos of quick transformations can also help to feel a strong sense of achievement.

Renovation projects often move forward room by room, and they might be delayed by budget constraints, so documenting the progress through before and after photos will give you something to look back on and feel a sense of pride.

It’s also helpful if you decide to sell your home at a later date. Prospective buyers will be able to see the care and dedication that has gone into the renovation. They’ll see how far the property has progressed and the level of work that has gone into the transformation.

social media for period property decorating ideas

Engage with your favourite brands

As a brand that is popular with renovation accounts, we can say with certainty that companies absolutely love when you tag their products. It’s helpful for companies as they can see how their products are put to use in homes, which can help to inspire new product lines. It’s also helpful for other customers, as they can see how the products look in a variety of different homes.

You also stand a chance of bagging some freebies and promotional items if you are actively engaging with these brands regularly. Start by following all of your favourite brands, including those that might be a little outside of your budget. If you share mood boards, make sure you tag the companies so they know you’re thinking of them. And if you decide to use their products in your renovation, make sure you’re tagging them in the finished posts.

Try following these brands to help get you started:

Explore other social media websites

You don’t have to confine yourself to Instagram. Other social media websites can also be helpful for your project. Facebook is helpful for its Marketplace feature. This will allow you to shop for secondhand furniture and other useful items that could help to keep the costs of your renovation down. It’s also helpful for finding period pieces that might only need a bit of TLC to give them a new lease of life.

Pinterest is another excellent choice for finding renovation inspiration. This social network allows you to build boards and save images and videos to help create a kind of mood board. The algorithm will quickly learn your tastes, so as you grow your Pinterest boards, you will be presented with more ideas.

Keeping it healthy

While social media can be a useful resource, there is a darker side to social networking that needs to be addressed. Social media can become a source of stress, particularly if you are spending too much time scrolling. You might also find yourself comparing your work in progress to another person’s picture perfect finished product.

If you notice logging on to social media is starting to become a source of stress, try taking a break for a while. Make time for things other than your renovation project and return when you are feeling ready.

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